About Kenneth Orr

Kenneth Orr is an entrepreneur, professional financier, and philanthropist from Old Westbury, New York. He is also the founder of KORR.

Education and Work Experience

Kenny received a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University in 1988. He also completed valuation analysis studies at Columbia Business School and case studies for Harvard Business School.

Upon graduation from Tufts University, Kenneth started working for North American Agriculture Inc., a family-owned commodities trading firm, and its sister company, Jake’s Products. He was responsible for sourcing, buying, and selling physical commodities both domestically and internationally. Kenny’s tenure was five years and during that time, he led the acquisition of Jackson and Johnson and opened trade with the former Soviet Union to become a leading supplier of cocoa beans.

In 1994, Kenneth acquired Harold Securities, which he renamed First Cambridge Securities. The firm quickly became a notable underwriter and investor and grew from 400 employees to over 5,000.



The first company  Kenneth Orr created from scratch was Triumph, a small cap fund. The company specialized in technology, oil and gas, biotech, and health care micro, small public, and private companies. Kenny acted as CEO from 1997 through 2015.

Kenneth also founded KORR Acquisitions Group and KORR Value L.P., both dedicated to value investing.  He acts as CEO to both and as Chief Investment Officer at KORR Value L.P.

Kenneth Orr KORR Investing

Kenneth Orr: Special Achievements and Activities

In addition to his excellent track record as an investment advisor, Kenneth Orr received the Albert Einstein Award for “Outstanding Achievement in High Tech” in 1999.

He is part of Tufts Financial Group in addition to Hedge Fund Professionals. He also interviews applicants of Tufts University and is a member of the External Advisory Board at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School’s Institute on Aging.

Kenneth and his wife created the Orr Foundation, which supports various charities, in 2004.