Founder Kenneth Orr from Old Westbury, New York, established KORR Acquisitions Group in 2014 as a firm dedicated to value investing.

KORR Acquisitions invests in public companies that the firm believes will increase in value over time. KORR Acquisitions decides to invest based on several factors, including discounted cash-flow, balance sheets, and others. It invests in companies presently trading at a discount to their current value. KORR believes the stocks will appreciate to their fair value over time through KORR’s activism or the companies’ management executing. The firm also looks to acquire manufacturing, consumer products, or oil & gas services private companies with revenues of $100 million or more.

In 2016, Founder Kenneth Orr launched KORR Value L.P. as a similar company, managed by KORR Acquisitions.


KORR’s Operations

Kenneth Orr KORR Value

KORR operates and invests based on the principles of Benjamin Graham. Benjamin Graham is often considered as the father of value investing. His approach to researching potential investments is valuable for short and long-term opportunities. The methods are also applicable through both good and bad market conditions.

KORR maintains a rigorous selection process, as well as a list of rules it invests by. It protects capital by investing in simple businesses that it can understand. The company also structures investments, giving the best possible upside potential and limits the downside.

The firm considers macro events, new technologies, and current trends throughout the world, as it understands that any of these aspects can impact the market. It understands that these considerations are vital in order to succeed in this business.


Founder Kenneth Orr

Both KORR Acquisitions and KORR Value are managed by Founder Kenneth Orr, an experienced entrepreneur. Kenny also acts as CIO of KORR Value. Kenneth also founded Triumph, a small cap fund in 1997. Prior to this, he worked for┬áNorth American Agriculture Inc. and its sister company, Jake’s Products. Kenneth Orr holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University.