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Kenny Orr has a wealth of valuable information to share. Based out of Old Westbury, New York, he founded multiple investment firms. His experience as well as expertise lend themselves to publications based on different subjects. In addition, he founded KORR Acquisitions and KORR Value, as well as Triumph, a small-cap fund. Since acquiring Harold Securities, a brokerage firm, Kenneth renamed it as First Cambridge Securities.

As a business owner several times over, Kenny Orr is sometimes featured in interviews. Several published articles also feature Kenneth Orr as an industry expert.

His track record as an investor speaks for itself. His role models include Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger. Finally, Kenny Orr is a firm believer in constant and life-long learning.


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Kenneth Orr – Chief Investment Officer of KORR Acquisitions

Be inquisitive. Continue to learn. Kenneth Orr is the chief investment officer of KORR Acquisitions. At 52, Kenny is discovering life’s treasures. Kenny may be the best investment advisor you never heard of, with a track record that would make other fund managers green with envy, but he is much more than a hedge fund guru.

Kenneth Orr | Exclusive Inspirery Interview

Activist investors often grab big headlines as they publicly put pressure on both boardrooms and executives of well-known companies. Famous activists like Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital, Dan Loeb of Third Point, Carl Icahn of Icahn Enterprises, and Jeff Smith of Starboard have all gained notoriety and personal fortunes by extracting concessions from CEOs like buybacks, board seats, and sometimes even sales of entire businesses.

Kenneth Orr on the Merits of Common-Sense Investing

Kenneth Orr is a New York-based financial professional. More specifically, He is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of KORR Acquisitions, a company focused on value investing. As a successful financier, Kenneth Orr is enjoys helping the average investor in Brooklyn understand the fundamentals of the market today.

Kenneth Orr on Why Boring Companies are Often the Best Investments | Prague Post

As the Chief Investment Officer of KORR Acquisitions, Kenneth Orr has a unique perspective on the financial world. Furthermore, He graduated from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in 1988 and took post-graduate courses at Harvard and Columbia Business Schools. He started his career with North American Agriculture, where he involved himself in commodity training.